Hooky Gear


“brutal poetry” – Time Out

“brilliantly literary” – The Guardian

“insanely inventive” – The Sunday Times

“superbly bitter-sweet” – Telegraph


A successful burglar’s life is about to unravel completely…











Here’s the opening:


Me & Duane are leggin it. Like I mean proper fuckin leggin it. Me like the wind. Duanes locks flappin. Over the wall, into the back garden. All shins and knuckles scrapin bruisin an hands cuttin on barbs an broken glass. Then over the next wall an into the next garden.

Its one them dead still summer nights. Like I can hear a 24-hour grocer blowin his nose 500 yard off down Green Lanes. So anyone with basic ears – which is most people an animals especially dogs – can hear the sounds of me & Duane leggin it through the gardens an parallels of the Harringay ladder. Over the walls an fences, me like the wind, cash box under my arm…


‘Brilliant… one of the dons of British urban writing.’ Diran Adebayo, writer of Some Kind of Black

Nominated for the Granta List 2003

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